Hilary Gardner

Hilary GardnerBackground:

Hilary has over 30 years experience in the Housing Sector both at an executive and non-executive level. She has been a Senior Associate at Campbell Tickell for over 7 years.

Hilary was employed by Sanctuary Group, where she covered a wide variety of roles including Regional Director in the South West. In this organisation, she established a subsidiary in Scotland and from 1996-99, subsequently set up and ran Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association.

In the period 2000-2015 she was Director of Sanctuary’s then embryonic care, home care, and student accommodation businesses, developing them to become robust businesses within the Sanctuary Group. In 2015 she became Commercial Director leading on the Group’s mergers and acquisitions strategy.

In 2010 Hilary was appointed the Chair of GreenSquare Group, standing down in July 2017. Hilary is currently a non-executive Director of Sanctuary Students and between 2013-16 was Chair of Sanctuary (North West) after Sanctuary’s ‘take over’ of Cosmopolitan Housing Group.

Example projects:

  • Carried out a wide variety of short term assignments including five governance reviews including associations in Wales and Northern Ireland;
  • Supported York Housing Association through their merger with Karbon Group.
  • Reviewing merger proposals;
  • Reviewing growth opportunities for a national care provider;
  • Investigating a whistle blowing allegation;
  • Mentoring assignments for both senior executives and non-executives in the sector;
  • Hilary has been part of the CT team providing IDA support to the sector.

Key areas of work:

IDA support/Governance/ Mergers/ Development/Care/Mentoring

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