Graham Woolfman


Graham has an established career as a professional adviser and financier, in the commercial sector, and qualified as a Chartered Accountant. His experience includes senior partner in a large accountancy firm, a number of years of investment management in the growth company sector.

Graham is also a Non-Executive Director and chairman of companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange markets as well as chairman of several Audit Committees. He is also NED of a substantial social housing group (G15) and Chair of Audit and Risk Committee and member of Treasury Committee.



Example projects:

  • Providing support to senior management and Board members of substantial and niche social housing groups in advance of an In Depth Assessment (IDA) review by the Regulator. Particular emphasis on highlighting how financial issues are being governed and reported, and focussing advice and training on where there are areas which may be deficient and could be improved.
  • Observing SH Group Board meetings and reporting back to Executive Directors and Chairs on the efficiency and engagement of Board structure and decision-making.
  • Interviewing Committee Chairs, Members and Executive Directors to gain a deep understanding for reporting of the strengths and weaknesses of organisational governance structures and setting out areas for resolution and improvement.
  • Reviewing organisational Audit and Risk management and Treasury, for reporting structures and managerial execution. Supporting the implementation and training for risk monitoring and financial and non financial risk reporting Mentoring and training support in financial stewardship to Board members from a non financial background.

Key areas of work:

Corporate Governance/Business and Economic Strategy/Financial Stewardship/Audit and Risk/Treasury

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