Carole Oliver


A business Transformation Consultant with unrelenting drive and commitment to delivering sustainable and profitable business excellence.

Carole has spent the last twenty years supporting Housing Providers, Central and Local Government, Policy Makers and the Private Sector, with strategic advisory in commercial improvement, mitigating risk, and in pioneering and exploiting effective and efficient data, analytics and technology solutions.

Carole has an excellent understanding of the Housing Sector, and is driven to assist Providers successfully overcome and circumnavigate financial and operational challenges, and exceed aspirations.

Carole has delivered planning and development consultancy to the Private Sector, and in turn empowered Local and Regional Governments, Strategic Partnerships, Registered Providers and large and small-scale house builders with robust data and intelligence to inform scheme viability, truly understand affordability and negotiate successful 106 agreements.

Carole introduced the first AVM (Automated Valuation Model) to the Housing Sector in 2007 and has continued to support Providers in utilising vital asset intelligence to highlight poorly performing assets, informing retention, and investment decisions.

Example projects:

Strategic advisory for an Asset Management Consultancy and the development of an online Asset and ESG solution which will assist portfolio holders with clear financial transparency and in tackling the regulatory, operational and financial challenges posed by the decarbonisation agenda and economic climate.


Worked alongside Regulatory bodies, Ratings agencies, Think Tanks, The Private Sector and created Strategic Partnerships, to provide transparency and critical asset and tenant data to meet regulatory requirements, stress-test and future-proof strategies, for all round operational improvement and to mitigate financial risks such as Universal Credit and the global banking collapse.

Business Transformation 

Extensive transformation and performance improvement experience working both alongside, and in an advisory capacity to Senior Management & Executive Teams, and in an advisory capacity to achieve better commercial practice and mitigate risk.

Strategic IT (and data)

Introduced the first world-class automated valuation system (AVM) into the Housing Sector, progressing into the cloud-based ‘Housing Intelligence System’ whilst at Hometrack, transforming housing strategies and local frameworks, underpinned with accurate and highly visual data.

Advisor to the development teams of other housing-specific cloud-based solutions including Performance Management, an Asset and Liabilities register’, online portals such as ‘Home Swapper’ and GDPR-compliant tenancy fraud and risk solutions.

Advocate of utilising robust, accurate data for informed and evidence-based decision making.

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