Andrew Heywood


Andrew Heywood specialises in research and analysis of housing and mortgage markets in the UK and internationally. He has significant networks within the housing and mortgage sectors including lenders, policy makers and officials in the UK as well as well-placed senior contacts across the globe.

Andrew is an associate with the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research [CCHPR] and a research fellow of the Smith Institute. He is also editor of the journal Housing Finance International. Andrew writes for a number of publications on housing and lending issues. He has undertaken work for both the World Bank and the International Union for Housing Finance.

Andrew has worked on a number of projects for Campbell Tickell, including the GLA, Guinness Partnership, Network Housing Group, Old Etonian Housing Association and Tower Hamlets Community Housing. His work includes producing Affordable Rent Market reports for individual clients and working on the review of the Greater London Authority’s Housing Moves scheme. In 2017 Andrew was part of the Campbell Tickell team researching the potential of members of the Placeshapers group of housing associations to scale-up new housing development.

Before becoming a consultant, Andrew worked as deputy head of policy at the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) where he had specific responsibility of lending for social and affordable housing, low-cost home-ownership products and the private rental sector. He also led the Council’s work on European issues, focusing particularly on mortgage and consumer credit regulation and also co-ordinated its position on UK consumer credit issues.

Andrew has held non-executive positions with several organisations including Adviser to the Treasury Committee of Bromford Housing Group, Board member at Chelmer Housing Partnership, and member of the Governing Body of BRE Global, a specialist in developing international building certification standards.

Example projects:

  • A report for the Smith Institute: ‘Housing and planning – what makes the difference’, published in July 2014, on local authorities, planning, and encouraging new supply;
  • A report for the Smith Institute published in January 2016; Local housing, community living: prospects for scaling up and scaling out community-led housing.’
  • A report for CCHPR (with Anna Clarke) ‘Feasibility study of the prospect of developing a viable housing model for those entitled only to access the shared accommodation rate’, published June 2016.
  • Research for Shelter (with Anna Clarke) on the impact of recent tax changes on landlords in the private rented sector, 2017.
  • Research and analysis of the awareness of the community-led housing sector amongst retail mortgage lenders and willingness to lend on housing developed by the sector. Report published 2018.
  • Andrew is currently (2019) leading a team undertaking further work for the National Community Land Trust Network to improve access for the community-led sector to retail mortgage finance and promote greater understanding of community-led products amongst lenders.

Key areas of work:

  • Housing: finance, policy, and housing supply.
  • Affordable housing and the impact of funding and delivery models on new supply, including the impact on those households with few or no housing choices.
  • Mortgage markets: trends, opportunities, and threats.
  • Regulation: policy, practice, lenders, and housing providers.
  • Governance: effective decision making, strategy, and audit.
  • Europe and international: housing and mortgage markets, and regulation.
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