Non-executive recruitment has never been more business critical.  It’s no overstatement to say that successful candidates will be setting the strategic direction and ethos of important organisations. We know it’s vital to get it right.

With extensive experience in governance across the public service sector, an advanced understanding of the role of boards, and of setting and evaluating strategic frameworks, we are well placed to develop a persuasive recruitment proposition.

We begin by ensuring we have the clearest possible understanding of your organisational purpose, strategy and values, as well as its future challenges. This confidential, positive and open conversation establishes a strong mutual relationship between consultant and client.

Campbell Tickell’s established reputation for incisive analysis and cross-sector insight also contributes significantly to our success in identifying the very best candidates, and securing their trust and commitment to the process. We are looking not only for professional excellence, but additional aspects of character and vision that aren’t always expressed in a career history. And we are profoundly committed to playing a positive part in increasing the diversity of non-executives, harnessing collective talent and insight from the whole breadth of society.

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