Preparing for proactive consumer regulation

Social housing regulation is changing.

Campbell Tickell can help you to prepare and approach the introduction of proactive consumer regulation and inspection with confidence.

We offer tailored support, based on building a rapid understanding of your needs and how our offer can add real value.


How can we help?


1. Self-assessment, assurance framework and compliance challengeOne of the best things you can do to prepare for the forthcoming new consumer standards is to review your compliance with the current suite.

We can support you to prepare or review your self assessment against the current and likely future consumer standards so that you can assess any gaps in assurance and put things right now.

Our team will scrutinise and challenge, supporting you to develop a clear action plan and a framework which provides appropriate assurance throughout the organisation, including to your Board or Council members. We can supplement this with targeted risk-based ‘deep dive’ checks, using sector-wide intelligence, along with your organisational knowledge and risk map, to identify key areas for further review and reality checks.


2. Health check A light touch approach to reviewing your regulatory compliance framework. We will review your self-assessment and / or a sample of key documents, leaving you with actionable insight into areas that may need further review and scrutiny.


3. Preparation for inspectionWe are experienced in supporting housing providers to prepare for and shine in regulatory engagement.

Our work across the sector means we are close to regulatory thinking and to good practice, and can provide a range of support to prepare you for consumer inspection. This might include:

  • Reviewing documents to help shape your narrative and pinpoint critical areas of focus;
  • Rehearsing and coaching interviewees to confidently describe your current position, ambition and plans;
  • Soft benchmarking against good practice;
  • Presentations for or workshops with staff, Board / Council members and tenants who may engage with the regulator.

Why us?


  • Expertise – With twenty years’ experience and a network of more than 100 associates with skills and reach across the sector, CT provides a unique depth and breadth of understanding of regulatory, governance and operational challenges and opportunities.


  • Telling how it isWe pride ourselves on presenting back to you a true reflection of what we see. Clients tell us that we understand the challenges they face, and are honest and constructive in our feedback.


  • A tailored solutionWe tailor our solutions to suit your organisation and unique circumstances. Whilst we have outlined a range of approaches here, we will always work with you to identify how we can best add value to your work.


  • Meaning makingWe don’t do tick box checks. Our work across governance, regulation, risk and services is focused on tangible and practical changes that will make a difference – and on providing real value for money.


  • Leaving you with the tools you needWe consider our work is done best when we leave you with the tools you need for the future. Regular external validation is an important source of assurance, but your organisation should have the internal resource and capability to challenge and scrutinise its own performance from year to year.


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